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Elevated preprocedural CRP is not associated with increased risk for CI-AKI in patients undergoing PCI
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Case Title: 24 year old slender young man, long known to have congenital heart disease

Case History: 24 year old slender young man,long known to have congenital heart disease with moderate exercise limitation by fatigue, can walk 2-3 blocks on the flat and can can climb 3 floors slowly and he is on no medications. On examination Marked cyanosis and clubbing. Saturation 68% BP 110/60 mmHg, Pulse 70/minute and regular with noraml JVP. Marked left parasternal impulse.Grade 4 very long ESM ULSB. Second sound single and loud.

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X-Ray of 24 year old man
There is a cardio-megaly with cardio thoracic ratio of 57percentage.
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