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Elevated preprocedural CRP is not associated with increased risk for CI-AKI in patients undergoing PCI
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Case History :

A 15 year old female presented with shortness of breath while walking and had history of repeated sore throat infection. On examination she is anaemic and under built. On auscultation she had widely split second heart sound and relatively fixed in relation to respiration, there was a mid diastolic rumbling murmur at lower left sternal border. ECG shows incomplete RBBB.

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Investigation Reports :

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Discussion :

Operative repair is advised as there is uncomplicated ASD, There are two approaches for this it can be achieved either percutaneously using amplatzer closure device the advantage being minimum operative scar and the patient can be discharged the very next day.The amplatzer closure device can't be used if the ASD is more than 34cms , if ASD is of SCV type, ASD with very little rim of septum around them(large ASD), ASD of osteium primum type and ASD with TR or MR or any other valvular pathology. Surgical closure is the treatment of choice in this case, defect is closed by suture or with a patch of prosthetic material with the patient on cardiopulmonary bypass, the surgical mortality rate is less that 1% and results are excellent.