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Elevated preprocedural CRP is not associated with increased risk for CI-AKI in patients undergoing PCI
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Case History :

56 year old woman presented with an 18-month history of fatigue, malaise, intermittent dyspnea, palpitations, and atypical chest pain. She has a past history of high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, migraines and diverticulosis.

On examination: She was apparently well, Her BP was155/85 mmHg, Pulse 55/minute and regular, JVP and Normal cardiac exam apart from grade 2 continuous murmur beneath left clavicle.

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Investigation Reports :

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Discussion :

A surgical closure is indicated as closure of this PDA is indicated given the mild cardiomegaly, typical murmur, enlarged pulmonary arteries, and pulmonary plethora on her chest x-ray. It is likely that she will become worse if this is left alone both in terms of exercise capacity and heart rhythm surgery in a 56 year old woman may not be easy, since the duct is almost certainly calcified, and can be quite friable. Closure of PDA is most easy to support when it is large enough to cause hemodynamic problems, as in this case. The most common presentation of an old PDA like this would be either atrial fibrillation or congestive heart failure. Endocarditis would be a third fairly common mode of presentation.