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Elevated preprocedural CRP is not associated with increased risk for CI-AKI in patients undergoing PCI
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Case History :

20 year old woman known case of 'congenital heart disease' with COPD, presented with dyspnea on exertion and fatigue. On examination she was mildly cyanotic with clubbing. Pulseoximeter shows saturations around 86% on low flow oxygen 0f 2l/min. On auscultation she had Grade 3 very long ejection systolic murmur heard best 2LICS.

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Investigation Reports :

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Discussion :

Clinical findings in TOF are presence of AR; increase mapacas collaterals and mild cyanosis.
Only 10% of the patients remain alive for more than 10 years. Those who have adequate pulmonary blood flow survive for longer period.
Repair is indicated in all suitable patients except in those with an under developed pulmonary vascular bed who require palliative shunt procedure.
Late functional out come is excellent for the majority of the patients.
The treatment of choice is intracardiac repair, which consists of closure of VSD and relief of right ventricular out flow tract obstruction.