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Elevated preprocedural CRP is not associated with increased risk for CI-AKI in patients undergoing PCI
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Valvular Heart Disease

The cases throw ample light on the many unique aspects of patient presentations and the treatment protocols adopted- the medical and surgical skills highlight the nuances of an expert's approach.

An 8-year-old girl with a history of congenital mitral stenosis and mitral-valve replacement presented after 1 week of dyspnea on exertion, fatigue and orthopnea
A 50-year-old male patient was diagnosed with pulmonary stenosis.
A 32 year female comes with complaints of fever of one month duration.
A 45 year old hypertensive patient, smoker, presented with history of intermittent claudication of right leg and pain in leftarm while working.
A 35 year old woman came with Shortness of Breath and Pedal Edema progressive since 8 months.
A 37 year old male patient presented with aphasia and found to have a history of RHD with double valve replacement
A 32 year old male presented with history of breathlessness, palpitations and fatigue at rest.
A 54 year old male presented with a history of palpitations and chest pain since 15 days.
A 7-year-old child presented with history of palpitation and breathlessness.
A 36-year-old male presented with a history of fatigue and dyspnoea at rest.
A 6 year old asymptomatic boy during his general check up was presented with history of dizziness and palpitations while playing.
A 14 year old boy presented with heart failure.
A 12 year old boy with a history of uncorrected congenital heart disease presented with palpitations, shortness of breath and dizziness on exertion.
A 28 year old male presented with a history of palpitations, fatigue and dyspnoea at rest.
A 28 year old female presented with complains of shortness of breath.
A 16 year old boy presented with complains of fever with palpitation
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