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Elevated preprocedural CRP is not associated with increased risk for CI-AKI in patients undergoing PCI
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2D Echo
Case Title: 24 year old slender young man, long known to have congenital heart disease
Case History: 24 year old slender young man,long known to have congenital heart disease with moderate exercise limitation by fatigue, can walk 2-3 blocks on the flat and can can climb 3 floors slowly and he is on no medications. On examination Marked cyanosis and clubbing. Saturation 68% BP 110/60 mmHg, Pulse 70/minute and regular with normal JVP. Marked left parasternal impulse.Grade 4 very long ESM ULSB. Second sound single and loud.

Click on the image to view movie/enlarged image
Parasternal long axis view both great vessels are visible with aorta being nearest to the transducer. The more posteriorly placed pulmonary valves arising from left ventricle domes and as restricted opening before leading into the dilated main pulmonary artery. Note that the descending aorta is visible bulging into the left atrium. Click here to view movie
Pulmonary valve in zoom: the pulmonary valve domes as a restricted opening. Click here to view movie
Apical 4 chambered view : the RV is seen from right side of the screen arising from the left atrium. It is hypertrophied but both left and right systolic functions are good. VSD is seen as descending aorta which is seen apparently indenting into the left atrium. Click here to view movie
Left ventricular function appears normal. Click here to view movie